Working with a UK based company with operations across Europe, the business identified a need to redefine its HR function. The objective of this was to support future business growth plans and develop the company culture.


There were three key challenges:

1. To introduce robust HR policies, procedures and processes and embed these across the company.

2. To re-define the HR function, re-establishing its purpose to be aligned with the business goals.

3. To devise and put in place a recruitment strategy, ensuring the business goals and culture were at the heart of the hiring and selection process.


At the outset, there was a review of the HR function. This helped to establish how HR could support the wider business goals. A people strategy was then agreed with the senior management team and put into action. The people strategy focused on the business values, goals and future aspirations.

As the business was growing and the team expanding, focus was then given to implementing the new recruitment strategy. This focused on the employer USP and also the candidate experience.

A new employee handbook and revised terms and conditions of employment was implemented across all territories. This incorporated local employment law and HR best practice as well as the business values and objectives.


The HR function became one that is proactive and aligned to the business aims and goals. It added value and had direct influence on the profitability of the business.

Due to changing the approach to hiring the right talent for the business, there was a significant reduction in employee turnover. There was also an increase in employee engagement.

Having robust HR policies and procedures in place and terms and conditions that reflected the business needs, helped to improve employee relations. This is because the team became clear on their objectives, how their role supported the business and how they would be managed.

The overall outcome was a team working towards the business goals and objectives. Ultimately, this helped to increase profitability, allowed the business to offer a wider range of services and improved customer experience.

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