Our client is part of a wider group of companies who were going through a period of rapid growth and expansion. As part of these growth plans, the business identified a need to recruit a Head of Human Resource to support the board of Directors and wider senior management team. The business was being supported by a recruitment agency, but no suitable candidates had been identified.


This recruitment assignment had the following key challenges:

1.The role had already been advertised and supported by a recruitment agency, but no suitable candidates had been identified.

2.It transpired that the recruitment assignment brief for the role had not been fully considered. The business needed further support to identify the skills and experience that would be necessary to succeed in this new role.

3.As part of our research, we established that the salary and benefits package was not competitive when comparing with similar roles within the industry.


At the outset of the assignment, we arranged to meet with the senior management team and visit their workplace. This helped us to understand the existing HR team dynamics, the working environment and business culture before we began searching for the right candidates for the role.

From there, we researched the market and proposed a new salary and benefits package that was competitive within the market. We then presented this research to the business for consideration.

Once a revised salary and benefits package was agreed, we began undertaking a thorough candidate search. We presented the business with a definitive shortlist of 3 candidates who were interviewed for the role by the business.


From the shortlisted candidates, the preferred candidate accepted the offer of employment with minimal negotiation.

We remained in touch with the candidate and the business and the assignment was deemed a success. We have since supported our client with other HR appointments.

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