Cycle to work schemes are nothing new, but since the lockdown began in March, the likes of Halfords and other smaller bike retailers who have remained open through the pandemic, have seen a surge in bicycle sales.

As the lockdown measures are lifted, the Government are now urging people to consider more active methods of travelling to work already embraced by other European countries, such as walking or cycling to help protect the public transport network and maintain social distancing. There are obvious health benefits too for employees to dust down their bikes and make the most of the quieter roads not to mention the positive impact we have already seen on the environment such as big improvements in air quality and significant reductions in levels of nitrogen dioxide in some our cities.

So how can businesses jump onboard the cycle race?!

It has been reported that the schemes have seen an 200% increase in bike orders and so if you have a cycle to work scheme, now would be a great time to give this employee benefit some love and attention and remind your employees this exists. If you don’t have a scheme, now could be the time. The schemes are relatively easy to set up, one example is Cycle Scheme.

If you have onsite parking, you could look to increase your bike parking areas for those embracing this new way of commuting.

If you wanted to take it a step further, you could put together a list of possible routes for eager cyclists to get to your workplace or even set up a virtual cycle team whilst we are all socially distancing.

If your business isn’t easily accessible by bike, there are many other ways you can encourage employees to get active to help boost their health and wellbeing and now may be the perfect time to give this some thought.

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