Recruiting effectively and attracting the right talent for your business

Congratulations! Your business is growing and you’re on the path to realising your business goals. Watching your business grow can be such an exciting time. However, many business owners become stuck in a chicken and egg style rut and find themselves unable to move forward when they need to recruit new talent.

Whether you need to recruit to help your business move to the next stage of growth, to fulfil larger contracts or expand your service offering further there are a number of options available around how you can do this.

So, what are the recruitment support options available?


The simplest approach when it comes to recruitment is to do it yourself. On the face of it, this is the cheapest option available and may appear the most straightforward. It may also prove a successful approach, particularly as you can utilise your own network and it can feel comfortable recruiting individuals that you may already know.

However, as your business grows you may find that you are spending a great deal of your own time on the recruitment process, distracting you from other aspects of your business. You may also exhaust all options within your own network or need to find individuals with a specific or specialist skillset that are not actively looking for work or may not be aware of your business. At this point, it may become necessary to explore alternative options.

Traditional recruitment agency

Many businesses large and small may have utilised a traditional recruitment agency to help them recruit.

A traditional recruitment agency will usually only charge your business if they find the right individual for your business, often referred to as contingent recruitment. Utilising a recruitment agency for specific or hard to fill roles may be a good option as they often have a large network that they can utilise to find candidates outside of your own business network. Typically, a traditional recruitment agency charges a fee based on a percentage of a candidate’s annual salary in the region of 15%. For example, if you hire a candidate on a salary of £35,000, the traditional recruitment agency fee for placing this candidate will be around £5,250.

Whilst using this approach can alleviate some of the challenges posed through the DIY approach and may be an ideal option for senior or specialist vacancies, this method may prove expensive with a limited return on investment to find the right talent your business needs as your business grows.

In-house recruitment team

Many larger businesses have their own in-house recruitment and talent acquisition teams. This is a great option if your business has an ongoing need to recruit and there is no requirement on the horizon to scale your business rapidly.

The benefits of an in-house recruitment team are that your recruitment experts know your business inside out. This means that they are in a strong position to find candidates that not only match the skillset required, but that are also a great cultural fit for your business. An in-house team will have an intrinsic understanding of your business needs now and in the future and are likely to be always looking ahead to develop a future talent pool ready to secure the right talent for your business as and when it is needed.

Your in-house recruitment experts will develop your recruitment process that may make use of an applicant tracking system. Utilising an applicant tracking system helps to create an efficient and effective recruitment process that is consistent across your business. It also assists in promoting a great customer experience for both your hiring managers and also your candidates.  This in turn can help to elevate your businesses employer brand in terms of being an employer of choice in your local area and within your specific industry.

Recruitment process outsourcing – an alternative approach

Here at Sweet, we offer an alternative approach to recruitment and talent acquisition. We bring the best of both the traditional recruitment agency and in-house team together. We act as an extension of your team and help businesses who don’t necessarily need a full-time in-house recruitment team, but who have an ongoing need to recruit.

We have experience of supporting businesses across multiple industries who need a long-term approach to attracting and hiring talent as your business grows.

Below are a few reasons why businesses have chosen our alternative approach to recruitment support:

  • They wish to reduce reliance on costly traditional recruitment agencies each time they need to recruit, but don’t necessarily need a full-time in-house recruitment expert.
  • They recognise that their time is better spent elsewhere and wish to reduce management time taken to recruit.
  • The business is expanding and there needs to be an efficient and effective recruitment process that is implemented across the business.
  • There is a business need to scale up quickly and build up a talent pool of candidates interested in joining your team as and when it needs.
  • You see the value in developing a recruitment strategy that helps to improve your employer brand and make sure the right individuals know about you as an employer within the local community and your industry.

Not sure what is the best option for your business?

We offer a complementary recruitment review to help you establish ways to help you attract and recruit the right talent to support your business growth plans. Just get in touch if you would like to find out more about how we can help and book a complementary review.

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