Remote working has become something business owners and HR professionals have had to implement quite literally overnight! However, remote working has not been the norm for many businesses or individuals and it may mean a change in approach in a number of ways and embracing the technology we have available.

Here we give our top three tips on keeping your business and employees going whilst we are all working remotely:


Whilst we cannot physically be with our teams, it’s really important to still stay in touch. There are a number of options out there to take advantage of virtual meetings. One option is Microsoft Teams who are offering a free version that can allow you to host virtual meetings, have online chat and share documents. Try and keep up the 1-1 with those you manage and give thanks for an employees continued commitment and hard work.

2.Focus on health and wellbeing for yourself and your staff

We are all in challenging times and it is very easy for us to slip into bad habits- having that extra glass of Prosecco or an extra beer or grabbing a late night snack from the fridge. However, be encouraging your employees to prioritise their health & wellbeing (by showing them that you are making this a priority for yourself!), this will help everyone remain resilient and be ready to bounce back when we all get back to normality. Mental Health First Aid have put together some great guidance that everyone can now access. You and your staff may also be missing the social side of working together and so why not arrange a virtual pub quiz for everyone to get involved in?!

3.Embrace flexible working

Now could be the time to ditch the idea of 9-5 for those businesses that do not need to operate within a specific time period. If your business operates 24/7, you may be enlightening to discover that despite school closures and remote working becoming the norm, your business has still continued to function. By turning your focus to employees output rather than hours worked, this will increase trust and ownership with your employees and when the Pandemic is over and your business continues this approach, it might just set you apart as an employer.

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