What makes an excellent recruitment process?

We would like to say that a successful recruitment process is down to some sort of wizardry. However, the fact is that a well thought out recruitment process takes time and effort to find that important next piece of your team jigsaw.

A successful recruitment process is a result of much more than placing a job advert and reviewing CVs. According to HR Review and a study conducted by Oxford Economics, the cost to an employer of recruiting is upwards of £30,000. With this in mind, here are our top 5 considerations for what makes an excellent recruitment process:

  1. Engaging Job Advert – Creating an engaging job advert is incredibly important. It is not just about listing the requirements of the role, but it is also an opportunity to sell your business as an employer to the best candidates in your industry.
  1. Candidate Search – Searching the candidate market proactively takes time and patience. However, it is often the best way to develop a talent pool of individuals interested in joining your company and until you reach out to all relevant professionals in the market, how can you possibly know that you have the absolute best candidate for the role?
  1. Candidate Experience – We all know that first impressions count. That is why the way you handle a recruitment process can determine how your business is perceived by a candidate and this experience can last well beyond the recruitment process. We find that it is worth setting expectations and letting candidates know what to expect from your recruitment and selection process. It is also worthwhile considering how you can support candidates through the process. For example, if it is tricky for a candidate to attend an interview during working hours, consider whether you can accommodate out of hours interviews.
  1. Candidate Evaluation and Feedback- Time, effort and preparation goes into applying for a role and attending an interview, so whether the feedback is positive or negative, we strongly advise acknowledging your applications and providing feedback. This ties into building a strong employer brand and giving full consideration to candidate experience throughout your hiring process.
  1. Onboarding – The importance of the onboarding process is often overlooked as employers are excited for their new recruit to join the business. However, we always advise that once an offer is accepted, it gets the relationship off to the best start if the communication continues from this point forward rather than waiting for the start date. Ahead of your new recruits first day, remember to be prepared and organised. This includes the small things, such as making sure emails and equipment are set up and ready to go as well as having an induction plan in place to help your new recruit get off to the best start. According to a study by People Management, 41% of professionals have left a job within the first 6 months due to poor onboarding experience.
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